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UK Cosplayers needed for magazine feature!

Hi there,

My name is Bee and I'm writing a feature on cosplaying for my university journalism project.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to speak to me about their cosplaying experiences. While I do cosplay myself, unfortunately I can't use myself as an interviewee!

If you could fill out these simple questions and post them below, that would be great!

When did you start cosplaying and what made you start?:
What was your first cosplay? Did you make the costume yourself?:
Do you cosplay in public?:
Have you been to any expos/conventions?:
If yes, which was/is your favourite to go to and why?:
Do you cosplay regularly? If yes, how regularly?:
What do people think of your cosplay?:
Who is your favourite character/person to cosplay as and why?:
Do you make the costumes yourself?:
How long does it take for you to construct a costume?:
What do you enjoy about cosplay?:
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