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When did you start cosplaying and what made you start?: I started because I felt a strange compulsion to dress in a wig and prance around like a fool. I started in May this year.
What was your first cosplay? Did you make the costume yourself?: My first cosplay was Gumi from Vocaloid, in her Matryoshka cosplay. I bought the hoodie from the internet, and painted the eyes on myself.
Do you cosplay in public?: I do when possible and in the mood. However, I haven't been able to often, because I usually go out with my parents and they don''t like it when I wear it in public. I have spotted a young child staring at me when wearing it, though.
Have you been to any expos/conventions?: I went to Bristol Comic Expo in May, and was meant to go to MCM in October, but stuff happened. As stuff does.
If yes, which was/is your favourite to go to and why?: Bristol Comic Expo. The only one I have attended.
Do you cosplay regularly? If yes, how regularly?: Yes, once or thrice a month when I can. However, it's usually just hanging around in character, though I don't even have much of a character in my only current costume.
What do people think of your cosplay?: It's not stunning, so people don't usually care, but nobody's come up to me and said that I look stupid. However, I've gotten more compliments under a wig than out of one.
Who is your favourite character/person to cosplay as and why?: I'm pretty sure that, when I finish her, my gijinka (human) Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony will be my favourite, though I hate it currently. I need to do a LOT of work on it to straighten out the mess made for my mum to sew the collar.
Do you make the costumes yourself?: I do the parts that I can by myself, and modify clothing when avaliable, though I have some problems with motor skills that make me less than okay on a sewing machine. My mum helps me with that.
How long does it take for you to construct a costume?: Between half a month to over a year with procrastination.
What do you enjoy about cosplay?: The fact that I can escape under another person for a while, and be confident in myself.

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