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One Piece fans, I need your opinions!

I tend to get chatty so I'll try to be super blunt with this. I'm cosplaying as Luffy for a small genderbended Straw Hat group and I'm having a hard time making a decision about the shoes. We really want these cosplays to come off as cute/girly and a little bit funny, in true Straw Hat style we don't want it to be taken too seriously.

So here's the shoe issue. I think it would be adorable to do wedge(made of cork or a similar looking material) type sandals instead of the flat sandals Luffy wears. Also, I'm a tiny woman, which means the rest of me is proportionately small and I really prefer to have at least a little bit of a heel on my shoes if I'm cosplaying as a lady. My worry is that instead of people looking at the shoes and thinking "What an adorable way to do chick Luffy's shoes!" they'll think "She was clearly too lazy to get genuine Luffy shoes."

So to all of you One Piece fans, if you saw a genderbended Luffy cosplayer wearing something other than the traditional flat flip flop, would you think it was horribly wrong? Feel free to be totally honest! Thanks for your time! <3
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