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Con-G 2013 - 3 days of Fun - Feb 22- 24, 2013

The thread was older from our promo at AN and ConBravo! so I hope this is ok

Con-G 2013 - Season 5!
February 22 - 24, 2013
Delta Guelph Hotel

Back for yet another great year only this time with three days - yes Con-G shinangins will be happening from February 22 - 24, 2013 at the Delta Guelph Hotel (the big hotel for those familiar to Guelph - across the street from the hotel we had our first two years at).

We have some great stuff planned for this year So stay tuned for more announcements, I probably should update the website first before I post them here :P

Weekend Prices
Regular pre-reg: $30 [Dec 1 - Jan 31]ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT!!!
At the door: $35
Friday only: $15
Saturday only: $25
Sunday only: $15

Our own forums are now back up on the website (including last years posts) and we've managed to keep it the same usernames etc (easy to sign in with facebook, twitter, etc)

Guests for 2013
Rob Paulsen - Voice Actor extraordinaire - too many characters to list but Yakko Warner, Pinky, Raphael (original TMNT) and now Donatello (new TMNT) are just a few
Debs & Errol - Musical guests
Manda “Whitless” Whitney - actor/writer
404's - comedy act
Bennet the Sage - internet personalities
Derek the Bard - internet personalities
Beetlecat - Master fursuiter
Tom “HeIsAnEvilGenius” White - internet personalities
Dawn McKechnie/Kaijugal - Master costumer
Gravely MacCabre - Master costumer and our MC
Kevin Chan
Devin “Featherweight” Harrigan
Dr. Holocaust
Amanda “Elemental” Irwin
DJ Janos
Krystal “Kudrel” Messier
Mai Sheri
Upcoming Events:
*Sigh* No clue - baby due in June... so we'll see

*Never judge anyone until you've walked a mile in their cosplay shoes :P* Those things are painful!

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