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Washing Comissioned Cosplay

Well I had a Cosplay Comissioned for me but I am not really on talking tearms with the comissioner who made it for me so I thought I make a topic for anyone that can help me in the best way to wash a comissioned cosplay.

Here's a picture of the cosplay -

It's a 3 Layer/Fabric cosplay - Brownz layer with a petticoat underneath attached and zipper at the back, White and red layer with zipper at the side and snap on button's, Gold layer wich ties together with a string and the emborder belt.

The White fabric is woven damask and the gold layer looks about the same as the white but only gold.

Any Help would be much apprecaited on this as I need to have it washed on Monday

Also another question - If I've had this cosplay in a Garment bag such as these : Would it still need to be washed?
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