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I'm really starting to wish there were more cons in my area so I could have more chances to cosplay... There are only five within a five hour drive. Three of which are 4+ hours and another is three. I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to start randomly cosplaying for no reason whatsoever. Better yet, start cosplaying 365 days a year~ Not to mention the fact that I don't drive much so I have to find a ride to any of them. >_<
Current Cosplay Projects ~
Katara - Painted Lady (A:TLAB) - 10%
Sakura - Artbook (CCS) - 5%
Leena Toros - Pilot outfit (Zoids: New Century) - 15%
GMG!Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail - Anime) - 10%

Upcoming Cosplay Ideas ~
Too many to even list. xD

Animazement 2013~
Fan-Dancer Suicune Gijinka (Pokemon), Sakura 2nd Movie Opening(CCS)
Formal Human Luna (Sailor Moon), Hatter!Rin (Vocaloid), Spirit!Zelda (LoZ:ST)

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