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Party. City...

When I first decided to get into cosplay I chose casual Canada as my crossplay. I knew I would have to get a wig, and even though I was going to pay for everything my father REFUSED to let me use his credit card to order a wig online. My mom doesn't have a credit card so she took me to Party city (over an hour away, bless her >.<) to look for a wig that would work. I found one that was similar but it was of HORRIBLE quality. I bought it anyway. Half because I wanted to cosplay, half just to spite my father XD

It was too light, and waaaay too shiny. I ended up using a creme bronzer, getting it warm between my fingers, and lightly dabbing it over individual sections of the wig. After some color was on it, I'd smooth it out over and over again. Letting the natural heat and oils in my hands spread it. Since the amount of color was not exact I accidently gave the wig realistic highlights and lowlights and the creme bronzer took that fake hair shine away completely! I made the ahoge with wire, gel, and super glue, and got complement after complement on my wig. I still have the wig 3 years later and it looks just as good now if I style it.

I'm a freak though, my best wig is a $1 ebay wig, my second best is that party city wig, random fodder wigs, and my absolute worst wig is an ARDA wig! lol. seriously, if it weren't for the hassle that Canada wig put me through I would have answered with that Arda... I WILL find a way to make that wig presentable!!!
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