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I agree on the facial thing. It is good for cleansing your skin throughly. keep in mind that some individuals break out shortly after a facial; say a day after. this is good though, because this means the impurities and bacteria that are stored deep down in the skin are making their way out. after that clears up, keep moisturizing, but don't over do it. make sure that you do not dry out your skin either. this makes your oil glands overproduce and make your skin break out and oily all over again. the key is keeping your skin evenly conditioned. dont exfoliate more than every two days, preferably once a week.
another thing to keep in mind is that in case you might have acne scars like I have in the past, use the product Mederma to put on those scars and it helps them not be so apparent. it comes in a small tube. works wonders. good luck!
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