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Getting Ready!

Originally Posted by Kimetz View Post
Hello I was the Shanks who was traveling with Lucky Roo and Benn Beckman. Just wanted to say that this was our first time cosplaying and we all had a blast and are already trying to figure out what we're going to do next year. Everyone we spoke to was great and at least i personally am looking forward to seeing some of the photos if any one has a link becuase i didn't think to bring a camera. And thanks to Mihawk for taking over that last shoot.
The Benn Beckman here. Myself and Kimetz are revamping our first made cosplays (i spent about 2 days and ruined all of the colors of the costume. Only saving grace was Shanks who gave my cosplay some recognition.) and are planning on returning as the Red Hair Pirates.

Everything he currently already posted I fully agree with and it deserves to be re-said.
YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! We are now going to make this a tradition for us as well. Otakon was cool and worth going to for another year but getting together with One Piece Fans was fantastic! Seen alot of the pics people took and Im really glad i took a minor role in them.
ONE PIECE! Good luck with the preparations for your cosplays!
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