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Cool Plasti-Dip: A new way to seal Craft Foam

Hello everybody! I recently stumbled across a new way to seal craft foam. The story begins...

I was trying to make armor pieces for a costume. I started with the trusted "glue and water" method, which I hate with a passion. After coating my arm and leg guards several times with the mixture, I spray painted them gold. This was my result:

I realized at this point that my armor looked like poop. The craft foam, despite several coats of glue and water, was still absorbing my paint. The difference is very apparent when you look at the hot glue (the detailing, which does not absorb glue) and the foam. I was already upset that I had to partake in the glue-water-everywhere ordeal, so I decided to try a new method.

Another forum discussed Plasti-Dip, a paint that turns to rubber. I hurried over to Menards and bought myself a spray can of the stuff in black for about $6. The can coated all six pieces of my armor twice and, when sprayed closely, leaves little to no texture. After two coats I was left with a flexible, tough outer coating. I was also impressed that I lost minimal amounts of detailing. NOTE: The spray is super stinky. I would advise some open windows (or spraying outside) and maybe a cheap dust mask.

The other forum said that the spray is both a sealer and primer. I coated the armor twice with Rustoleum Metallics in Gold, and let it dry. After it dried, I was left with this.

Wow, that looks better! It is still lightweight, and now looks super shiny. Notice the bumpiness on the right side of the leg guard. I must have sprayed from too far away and created texture. I also coated the armor in Pledge+Future floor wax, which adds shine without dulling the gold paint. The empty spots will soon be filled with jewels gleaned from this necklace, which I recommend for large jewels. v= X:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

Anyways, it was only $6 and made my armor so much prettier. It stank and took a little bit longer than glue and water, but the results are awesome!!

I hope this method can be used to speed up your craft foam armor. I noticed nobody ever suggests this for sealing craft foam, so hopefully this method will be embraced soon!
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