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Here are some handsewing tips:

- You may not be pulling your thread tightly enough. If a stitch is too lose, fabric pieces will pull apart.

- You may be using crappy thread that breaks easily, like 99-cent bargain bin thread or Wal-Mart thread. If you are using bargain thread, you should buy better stuff. I personally prefer Coats and Clark or Madeira Aerofil. Guttermann is okay too.

- You might be using the wrong kind of thread. How is it labeled? Did you buy general purpose thread? Hand sewing thread? Or is it labeled "extra fine" or "embroidery" (both of which will snap easily)? You want either general purpose sewing thread or hand sewing thread. Some thread types are weak and will break because they just can't handle the strain.

- Did you buy the thread yourself? Is it new, or did you inherit it from a deceased grandmother's stash? If you're using hand-me-down thread, it could be too old and you need to buy new stuff. (I actually had to go through my thread stash not too long ago and throw some stuff out, because I'd had some spools for so long that the thread had degraded and I could easily break it between my hands.)

- Make sure your thread is properly knotted before you start sewing, otherwise it will pull through the textile fibers. When I hand sew, I knot thread twice on itself, feed the needle through the fabric, and then I bring the needle back under the knot so that it forms a loop. Sometimes I loop it a couple more times for stability, and I end a stitch in a similar way. I also try to hide the end knots where they won't get abraded, because if you rub them around they can sometimes come out.

- How short are your stitches? More stitches = tighter, stronger seam. If your stitches are long and/or spaced far apart, the fabric pieces are really not held together well.
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