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Well it was more then a disagreement but I don't want to get into detail about that on here for various of reason's that I would like to keep private and in the past if possible .... it is something I won't post on any public website I hope everyone can respect that.

But I have learned of a diffrent way I wanted to share with everyone -

Apprently not only Heat kills little pest's but the cold does as well, Were going leave both his Ezio Auditore wich was made by someone completly diffrent as you will see in my forum avatar and my Cristina Vespucci in the frezzer for 3 weeks instead the suggested 2 weeks.

I will let you know if this does work or not in about 3-4 Weeks I will post in this topic cause apprently freezing it should remove any order or anything from it from wearing the cosplay as such as dry cleaning or hand washing it would.
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