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Originally Posted by Shouri no Hana View Post
I think I'm gonna settle for Luka (Ranger Form) then play it by ear with Megaforce, I do what to Ranger outfits to add to my closet while Goseiger was my first Sentai to watch, I really fell in love with Gokaiger.

I'm just debating over props, I've seen people take the toy Gokai Swords and remake the blade, I'm debating doing the same (I'm importing the gun anyway) I really want that 'Final Wave!'
Unfortunately, whatever you don't replace on the saber stays child sized and looks weird.

I'm thinking of having mine be entirely custom built except that the key mechanism will be gutted from the toy and placed into the replica, still being able to do a Final and being much more show accurate. Unfortunately, this is pretty expensive. But since you might be doing ranger form Luka, I don't think money is too big an issue.

Also, I'm sorry you had to have you Sentai start with Goseiger. At least you moved onto something much, much better.
Because it's cooler that way.
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