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I've had many bad experiences with wigs from local stores, because even if you sew two of them together they're going to look horrible. But I'll never forget my first cosplay wig. I bought the cheapest (34$), best-looking, longest wig I thought would be perfect for Rapunzel. And, of course, I had the crazy idea of make the big braid style. When it finally arrived, it looked so thin but nice. I decided to sew some wefts, but I didn't realized that it was getting more and more tangled. Then, it was a mess. I tried to brush it, but I couldn't, so I got angry and threw it away from me. Later than day, I tried again, with no results. So I looked for help and remembered that you can straight wigs with hot water. After that, I combed again. But it was a little, just a little, wet. It took me a month to detangle it and now it has frizzy tips. I'm never going to buy again a wig form Ebay (I know some people had luck, but not me and that counts).
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