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Crossplay Prep/Weight Loss

Hello to the Cosplay Community. As you may know, this is a Weight Loss post. A little bit of myself...

I am 18 years old currently, and weigh in approximately 235 lbs. I am 5"5-5"6, and Asian mix. I don't look my weight, trust me. I look like I SHOULD be around 160lbs.

I am planning to cross-play as just a Korean Male Popstar, and in order to do so I have to be 75 lbs less than I am now.

I had had enough of my overweight issues. I WANT to DO something about it, but there's so many things that limit me, and it brings down my motivation bar.

I have no job, no money. I am a recent high school graduate so I am starting my Spring Term on Jan. 22nd. It's a plus for me to go to college since I won't be eating or indulging on 'school grubs' like they served back at the districts. There's a Subways in my college, and I'm not staying in the dorms. [Hope that Freshmen 15 doesn't count for me negatively.]

I have never lost so much weight in so little time, but I want to think BIG on the weight loss.

My main goal: 75lbs from now until 2013 May 31st. [Going to A-kon 2013 in Dallas, TX.]
Current Goal: Getting rid of 35 lbs so I'm not over the 200 range anymore.

...Please help me.
It's not only for the crossplay.
I hate looking at myself in the mirror so much, or not being able to shop for clothes that aren't size 16 jeans or a XXL shirt.
What can I do?

Thank you for reading this. >__ <; Appreciate your time.
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