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Unhappy Sealing and Painting Craft Foam on a Deadline!

So I have finished constructing my Edward Elric arm entirely out of craft foam. The thing is, I didn't account for the fact that sealing the craft foam would take a whole week, which is time I don't have if I want to make it by Thursday for our school's manga club. Is there any way I can seal the craft foam very quickly?

As far as painting goes, can I paint it with acrylics and give it a sort of top coat to remove some of the brush strokes? I have some Ebony Rub 'n' Buff but I didn't realize that Rub 'n' Buff would be used as a whole, whereas I thought it was just going to be used to give it that "antique armor look" in the corners. I can't exactly run to the store to get any more supplies than I already have, unless it's an easy to find something or other that you can get at the grocery store.

It's not completely necessary that I have it done by this Thursday, but I would very much like to. Would you say it'd be more worth it to wait for the next weeks meeting or do you think I could get by with these few days while still making it look good and last? I do intend to use this for as long as I can, for conventions and just going out to have fun with it.

Thank you in advance for any help that you're able to provide

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