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Life with my friends right now:

Me: Hey dude, can I borrow your necklace for a photoshoot?
Friends: Dear God! Quinn's trying to steal my necklace! Can't she just get her own?!

Friend: Hey Quinn, can I borrow your red wig for a photoshoot?
Me: I have it styled exactly like I want it right now so I'd prefer if you didn't, sorry.
Friends: God, he's not gonna keep it forever, and we can restyle it! What's your problem?!

Me: My family that I only see thrice a year is in town, i don't think we can have that cosplay party tomorrow.
Friends: UGGGGHHHH this was your idea in the first place! We were all looking forward to it!
Me: I didn't know until this morning, sorry. Maybe we can have it next weekend?

Me: Hey, you missed school today, I was worried. Are you coming back tomorrow? I was hoping to give you your birthday present?
Friends: Oh my god! She ignores me all day and she only talks to me when she wants to know if I'm coming back tomorrow! uggh she's so irritating!

Friends: could you please send me the pictures from last weekend?
Me: I'm really sorry, I've had a physics paper to write and I didn't get a chance to edit them. Can I bring them on wednesday?
Friend: No, you have to bring them tomorrow, my dad is angry that you keep putting off bringing them!
Me: You've been home sick all week, I'd hardly say I'm putting them off.
Friend: Well my dad thinks you're a liar now and he doesn't want me hanging out with liars.
Me: Fine *brings pictures the next day. Friend stays home sick again*

I just can't win, and I can do no right, and it makes me not want to do anything nice for them.
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