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Yeah I have to remake both of the bows. The one from the sailor fuku fell apart and the headband bow is tiny. -_-; And no satin for the black stuff. We used pleather. Why I'll never understand since it was our first time sewing and it was done by hand. (TAT)

And yeah that belt thingy that hangs wasn't made in time for the convention. (/TAT/) Know a better way to make it? The belt thingy. What we used for the belts was a bad idea.

Thanks for the critique touchmon. :'D Also does the wig look ok? It's a bit long but scared to cut it. >.<'

Also making Santa Rin for Holiday Matsuri. Should be fun. Had to alter it though for my liking. And that me and friend derped in the fabric and measurement of me. D':
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