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Originally Posted by Cococcino View Post
First off, hi! I'm new here. I was planning on cosplaying human!Prismo next year at Katsucon and just wanted to know if I pass as a boy. Notice I didn't say man, because I'm only 5 foot even and I highly doubt anyone would mistake me for a full grown man, haha.

But here's me normally.

And here's my mediocre attempt at being a guy.

These are my girly clothes thrown together to make something at least a little guyish looking. I didn't use any sort of makeup, so maybe that would help? Thanks for any input!
Firstly, you're very pretty! Just thought I'd get that out there

As for crossplaying, I think you've got the body language down, and that's half the battle. For a more masculine look, definitely thicken up those eyebrows! I'd recommend filling it in below your current eyebrow line because men's eyebrows tend to be closer down towards their eyes. For facial contouring, I'd recommend using a darker color right beneath your cheekbones and near your temples because from a quick Google search human!Prismo looks like he'd be a pretty lanky fellow with hollow cheekbones and drawn facial features.

Originally Posted by Richi-Style View Post
I have a hunch, but I don't want to make any offensive assumptions, so at the risk of sounding incredibly stupid, I'm going to have to ask: Are you trying to trying to pass as a guy or a girl?

Also a clearer shot of your face would be really helpful. The two you have look dramatically different and I'm not sure if it's the trick of the light/camera or "before" and "after" pics.
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