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Samus Varia Suit!

Hey guys!

I'm fairly new to cosplay, I made an assassin's creed costume a couple months ago for the Edmonton Expo and also for Halloween.
It was almost 100% sewing which I have never done before haha.
But I had the help of a lot of tutorials and I love how it turned out!

Here's a pic:

The blades were made out of ball bearing slides.
I made a locking mechanism where when I pulled on a string (attached to a ring on my finger) the blades slide out.
Makes a really awesome metal-clink-slide-out noise

My next project is a much more difficult and completely opposite of the assassin's creed costume. I'm making the full Samus Varia Suit.

I've decided to go with an EVA foam build for some of it and craft foam for the rest.
For painting the pieces I am going to coat in Plasti-Dip then some kind of paint primer
followed by my paint choices (going to be metallic) then a gloss finish/sealer.

I'm going to be making it much like Pixelninja's Suit she re-made in 2010, I'm absolutely in love with it!
Here's a pic of her suit:

I plan on adding all the lights on the suit and the arm cannon.

As this is my very first project like this, I would love to hear any comments/suggestions/criticisms.

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