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i have green black heads lol i know it sounds weird but there not black but there like blackheads and almost every pore has them not to mention my pores are huge. i have them on my face neck chest back and shoulders and sometimes on my arms. Ive had this ever since i was in the fourth grade when i got my first zit. i dont breakout as much as i used to because well my pores are more preoccupied with this "alien" blackhead situation i have. anyone have any suggestions. i use Noxzema daily facial scrub i know ur not supposed to exfoliate everyday but if i dont my skin feels all icky. noxzema daily wash along with clean and clear moisturizer. its a pain in the but really and when i do wear makeup it looks like cake because of my pores. anyone have any suggestions. i really cant afford to see a dermatologist.
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