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Still working on Chewlin... hand sewing....

Also got my new stocking in, took a gamble on We love Color's Mint shade it it was perfect... >_< Should of just ordered from them to start with but I always got hit with costumes with them.

The Mint shade is warmer then what it looks like on screen and just a touch paler then the doll. I don't mind that as she is so electric the have a paler green skin is what I was hopping to dye my other stockings too.

I have not tried them on yet but I got the M/L size for my arms and the C/D size for my legs in the plus category. It was debatable if the A/B size would fir as I'm taller then the specked range for it and their is nothing worse then trying to squeeze into to small tights. Plus if they ended up being too tight they loose color from being stretched to much.

I'm just mad I wasted about $50 in 4 pairs of tight and dye. The ones I dyed are mostly ruined and the lime green I might not use for anything else. >_<

I would kill to have swatches from We love color. But I'm super thankful if they rip I can just buy a replacement. O_O Because I'll have I'll handing off of them....

My fabric swatches came in last night. I ordered the bag deigned fabric as a Fat Quarter on Twill to turn it into a canvas bag. The design and colours turned perfect so all I have to do is sew it to a bag shape.

The bad news, my shirt and legging pattern looks really muted on the Organic Cotton Knit they have are it a much darker cream shade.

So I've had to order new swatches of the Neon palette I created for both (but not true neon). The shade are closer to the dolls clothes actually but with the warm ivory tone fabric they will end up darker.

The new shade where perfect!

Rochelle Goyle Scaris WIP images and final costume that Smash put together.

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