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Originally Posted by MaiSheri View Post
YAY DRANKS WIT CHRIS! As for cos-plots... maybe? I have been feeling really, really unmotivated lately so I don't know what I'm going to be able to get done between now and then.

Also, I should be fine for hotel space, really. Responsible Friend (tm) seems to have found us a pretty good deal on something close to the con. Waiting for flights to go on sale now ^_^
Excellent! The cool thing about PAX is that it's contained insanity, and unlike NYCC, there's a nightlife. Once the afterparties start going live, I'll PM ya to keep you in the loop.

Also I hope you like concerts, because the Protomen are the best. THE BEST!

FYI-I think my cosplots are No More Heroes/Resident Evil 6 based, and an extremely casual Mass Effect costume.
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