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Yeah, I've gotten pretty good at cuting/editing audio tracks. After our FMA skit last year at Anime Boston I think I can handle just about any cut/editing for audio. XD
The hardest part about skits is the stage size since sometimes the stage is bigger or smaller then the space you practiced in which can throw off the whole feel of the skit especially if the stage is much larger then your first thinking. :/
I usually ask the people running the masq, but I don't always get an answer in time to adjust properly.

As for building a door psh thats easy my group works wonders with collapsible stage props. It usually involves PVC pipes, Cardboard or foam broad and hours of paint before the con then we disassemble the whole thing into parts that can be put back together back stage without just a little duct in the right places.

My Haruhi just loves this romanic crap and has wanted to do something like this for a while. So we're working out the smaller details including a very short instramental part from the song that we'll dance to. I just need to brush up on my ballroom dancing so I don't look like a fool on stage. XP

Now I need to figure out if I should wear the traditional Ouran uniform and have her wearing one of her more casual "girly" outfits or if we should both wear casual outfits. :/

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