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This would be a cute idea. ^_^

Like with any lip singing performance, you have to sell it with you stage acting otherwise it is boring. You have to make sure the lyrics go with the actions on stage and I assume you know what that's like given your past performances. I would just make sure that it seems like they had some kind of fight with each other so it goes with the lyrics of the song. When Haruhi sings she shouldn't be sad but more angry and frustrated at what he's done. And as the song goes have them "resolve their fight" and basically kiss and make up ^_^

Originally Posted by Ends Beginning View Post
Now I need to figure out if I should wear the traditional Ouran uniform and have her wearing one of her more casual "girly" outfits or if we should both wear casual outfits. :/
I'd suggest that Tamaki stay in his traditional uniform and have Haruhi look like a girl. For the audience members that don't know Ouran it will help them understand what's going on. Also a lot of times skits don't fair well when it looks like the characters are wearing street clothes so a uniform is good.

Hope this helps!
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