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I use Slim in 6, meaning you'll be done using this program in 6 weeks.
I just started, but it's fun (with your own music)and it does help with toning, weight loss, and firming. I'm on day 3 but my butt and thighs are sore from all the squats, my arms are getting stronger and I've already seen some loss on my stomach!

You just have to be persistent and have a great diet.
Slim in 6 has 3 parts to it :

Start it up : 26 mins easy
rev it up : 40mins intermediate
burn it up: 60 mins hard!

Start it up is still kinda hard for me, but I don't weigh that much, only 159 pounds...
It's recommended for you to have your own privacy b/c you will be sweaty, stinky, and doing some awkward squats...(I was doing push ups and my hamster bit my toe I was lucky no one was home... )

Rev it up was really hard for me at first ( I have a different schedule) but I felt good afterwards. I had some green tea( which helps weight loss) and some Yor supergreens with skin and weightloss. As well for you to feel good.

I am not doing burn it up...yet...
I am a girl but this works for everyone just stay committed

About the Yor products, they aren't a scam. My sister sells these and I've tried them. they smell horrible but taste good with some orange juice or etc.

Hope this helps!
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