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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
I have since lost the article, but someone with a much better vocabulary and more brain cells then myself wrote an article discussing how Taylor Swift is this Lolita (not the fashion. If you need to look it up make sure no ones watching)figure of the perfect Virgin Christian girl and how that plays out in her music and specifically music videos like the one I linked. It discusses that she's not really a bad person but how her music and the videos put out are harmful as a whole.

Like the 'me versus her' mentality of being the pure virginal blonde girl versus the promiscuous dark haired vixen.
This article talks about her apparent loathing of hipsters, but is more interesting for bringing up the "outsider" mentality she keeps harping on. She's tall, thin, blonde, many people consider her to be very beautiful, she's massively successful and popular, and she's STILL staying with this "ooh I'm not cool enough, ooh poor little me, ooh won't somebody please accept me for who I am" BS in so much of her music. Honestly I feel bad, her self esteem must be so shitty if she still honestly believes she's on the outside looking in, but I cannot get with that. I just do not have the patience to listen to her whining about wanting to be cool and accepted.

Plus I just don't like her songs.
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