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Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post
This article talks about her apparent loathing of hipsters, but is more interesting for bringing up the "outsider" mentality she keeps harping on. She's tall, thin, blonde, many people consider her to be very beautiful, she's massively successful and popular, and she's STILL staying with this "ooh I'm not cool enough, ooh poor little me, ooh won't somebody please accept me for who I am" BS in so much of her music. Honestly I feel bad, her self esteem must be so shitty if she still honestly believes she's on the outside looking in, but I cannot get with that. I just do not have the patience to listen to her whining about wanting to be cool and accepted.

Plus I just don't like her songs.
In terms of her songs, the one song I like is this one done for the Hunger Games called 'Safe and Sound'. Mostly because it sounds absolutely nothing like what she sounds like in her own songs. It's featuring another group called The Civil Wars and the music video is pretty much her walking around with no eyeliner on and chapped lips wearing a virginal white dress and looking pouty, but the song is actually pretty nice.

I personally see that 'outsider' persona of Taylor Swift to be a fabrication. To me I find it this marketing tool to sell her songs to the high school girls who are mad that big breasted girls in shorts are 'taking their boyfriends' with sexuality. Her songs are about being the good girl versus the bad girl or the good girl versus a bad guy. It's always singing a song to the 'good girls' out there who just wear big glasses and tee shirts, like a tumblr meme gone wrong.

I wonder if she really see's herself as this outsider character or if she's just been told to sell herself as such and is just too damn naive to know what's going on.
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