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Originally Posted by CobaltTempest View Post
I'll most likely come as "Miracle Paint" Hatsune Miku.

Also, would it be all right if I helped you with this gathering as a coordinator or something? If it helps, I ran one at PMX and I have a megaphone that is pretty loud (along with a loud voice if I must say so myself :V)? I would also like for you to get in touch with the person I will have mentioned to you via PM about this gathering.
I could use some help. I've got a layout of the order for photos to call out. The megaphone would be epic! I really appreciate your offer! Thank you so very much! *bows politely*
I'll hopefully be at:
Comikaze 2014 (All the days)
Anime Los Angeles 2015 (All the days)
I can't wait to see you all there!!!
Look for me as:

DOFP Quicksilver - 100% Completion
Dean Winchester - 100% Completion
Darcy Lewis - 100% Completion
Meiko - 100% Completion
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