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Found a few other alternatives!

This one looks almost exactly like the one I posted before (might be the same one, actually). Lighter blue than Rose's, but same basic shape. Size L. 776f5

This one is a little different than the last two. It's a little more accurate than the last one in color and pocket placement, though it looks like it might be a little darker than the original, and the bottom pockets look like they snap or buckle instead of zip. Besides that, this jacket is almost identical to the last one one in terms of shape. It looks like there's only one, and it's in size S.

This one's probably the least accurate of the ones I've posted, but it might be a good alternative for someone on a budget. It's a little too far on the teal side, but it does have a good shape and would work for Rose. There's only one left, in size L.

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