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boys with short black hair

hello, i know i'm already getting quite a bit of use out of this wig i am planning to buy, but i know its a fairly common hairstyle so i want to see what you guys can come up with

i'll be getting the derek from arda wigs in black.

characters i'm going to try useing it for :

john from homestuck
karkat from homestuck
"the sufferer" from homestuck
mituna from homestuck
jake from homestuck
kankri from homestuck
ash from pokemon
marshal lee from adventure time (fionna and cake)
l from death note

ok obviously that is a LOT and the styles aren't exactly the same? but mine aren't going to be perfect, especially the homestuck ones are kind of up to interpretation so they will be more the style that i like, then exactly canon.

boys only please. also no manly men though xD i'm very short, young boys are better :3

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