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For me, a minute is way too short. At one con I've been to the limit was 3 minutes, and they literally had a timer. I actually found it too short for the costume I had made, and I think maybe 5-7 minutes would have been nice. At another con I asked how long they liked to take and the woman said 20 minutes to half an hour! I couldn't possibly talk that long, and it would have been very thorough, but I think that was a little much. Or a lot much.

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I've judged a couple shows where they wanted the awards very shortly after the show ended (like 30min or less) and it was utterly brutal. I don't like being rushed like that.
But with shows like that, the craftsmanship judging is done (hopefully) long beforehand, is it not? Then really the only people being rushed are the performance judges.
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