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Originally Posted by Li_Syaoran View Post
Well.... first I would like you to take a look at this pic, This is my first crossplay which i had worn 1 month ago. Then attempt to guess at my gender.

Now to answer your question, I Mostly I just keep silent to myself and have others keep on guessing :P
Well, judging by the fact that you're dressed in women's clothes in the picture + the fact that you say it's your first crossplay, I'm going to conclude via logic that you are male! Otherwise since you've covered almost everything up it's really difficult to tell, haha.

It's interesting hearing everyone's reactions, but I'd like to hear more about your responses. Li_Syaoran said they just stand there silently and have the person keep guessing (I'm guessing it probably doesn't take more than 3 tries to get the right answer). What do you guys say/do in response to the question?

I ask because while it's generally considered not very good etiquette to make speculations on a cosplayer's gender, it's kind of a hard question to avoid when one crossplays frequently, and I never really know how to respond.
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