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From Today: Chest

1st day coming back from being sick, had 103 fever, did not eat Sun/Mon/Tues of last week, barely was able to enjoy Thanksgiving but still had my limits on it. Since I am coming back from the flu I limited myself to only working with about 65% of my max, not wanting to push it too hard. All this week will be relatively light work to get the groove back in motion.

Incline Dumbell Press

3 warm up sets of 12 reps 35,50,60lbs dumbells
6 sets of 5 reps 75lbs Dumbells

Flat Dumbell Press

5 sets of 10 80lbs. dumbells

Cable Crossovers

5 sets of 10 reps, 50lbs a side

Really wanted to focus on the squeeze here, light weight but very effective in the pause.

Push ups

4 sets of 20 to finish.
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