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Link: Yay! For wigs for Christmas! And you have way to much patience with pleats. I have to make a two tiered knife pleat skirt for Vanellope, and I'm so not looking forward to it >..<

Tulipe: Make a checklist, and use HUGE checks next to each item when done. It sounds silly, but it really satisfying to go HAH! I did it! :P

I'm currently going insane. I just finished day 5 of 7 in a row, and this weekend was He double hockey sticks to work. And then I get two more plush commissions, which I'm happy for, but work hasn't let me out until around 7:00 each night...and then hand-sewing plush, Vanellope and my Hobbit dress. (Planning on going to the first showing, and Denny's first for breakfast because of the Hobbit theme :3) I NEED A VACATION!\

EDIT: First commission, a tiny BMO is done! I swear, I'll be an expert BMO maker by Christmas with how popular he is :P

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