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Help in weight loss and motivation please.

I am a 17 year old female a mix of white and asian. I am about 190-188 give or take the day. I know I am over weight and I dislike it. I am still in school but all the P.E. class are full and they don't give out a sport I like to do. Not to mention with my back problems its hard to do serten excires. I like to get down to 140-130 if at all possible. So I could get closer to my healthy weight. I am only about 5'1 so charts say I should be at 120. The only problem is I think I will look sickly that low in weight. My boobs and bum would easily kill me if I was that small.

So I want to get healthy and I like to do so by 2014 sakura con as I plan to go as Erza. And I love to be able to fit into smaller clothing and get healthy. My weight stored mostly on my stomick and thighs. What would be good excires that could help target thoughs areas while not straining or hurting my back alot? Also whats a good way to stay motivated when every week just about we get a project. Please and thank you to any who help me. Its been a problem sinces I become unactive in high school after my kendo buddies moved away.
Hi hope you all the best in your day and night
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