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{Answer for Sokar}
Mornings: Ceral,Milk some times a lucnh sandwitch freshly made

Lunch: This varries due to me eating at school. Most days its a lunch packed with a four inch sub turkey or ham with chesse no condiment to lazy to get it. Carrorts I eat but not the celearl which they switch. Some times rasizes which I do. With some sort of fruite snack or prezels. I try not to eat the not even small bag of glazed chips. And normal drink water as the school milk taste bad to me. Other times its the specail or brefrest for lunch whcih they some timess do.

Dinner: Again varries but we eat spegeti alot, Chicken, Mexican food like home made fahetas or enchaladas.

As for my back. I had it x-rayed not long ago but it showed no brakes. They didn;t say if any cracks or brake as they only did one. Becuse last winter I fell hard on my sholder due to ice and me running to my bus. Its normal pain down my spine normal to my lower back.

{Amswer for Cephas}
I would try that other than. I wake up at 5:30 in the morning from there I take a shower, Make brefest make sure I have every thing done and am radey for school and then out the door at 6:40 to catch my bus. Dosen't realy work out your way. Also not to mention I am in rainy washington I sware it rains 80% out of the year hear. Well on the side of washington I am on.
Hi hope you all the best in your day and night
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