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God knows how many times I've got the "Are you a boy or a girl?" question both in cosplay and out of it..

Now first of I'm transgender male, pre-everything. I must say that whenever I get asked that question I feel very mixed emotions. Firstly it means I did a decent job presenting male because they can't tell my biological gender straight away -but- at the same time I feel very awkward and more often than not, hurt, because that question also means that I didn't completely pass either because they are still questioning. It's very hard to describe exactly what I mean... there's so much going on in my head whenever that question pops up and I almost never know what answer to give when asked either. I just stand there awkwardly and if I happen to have my cosplay friends around me occasionally they might chime in and tell the asker I am in fact a he/him/male/whatever or, although rarer, transgendered. Yes, I am very open about it at at cons, like if someone were to ask me if I'm transgendered I'd answer "yes I am". It's not something I am ashamed of, it's who I am. But for some reason I just have a dang hard time to tell it when asked that "are you a boy or a girl?" question because that question is so.. unforgiving and blunt... it gives me no leeway; just black and white without gray. It makes me confused are they in fact asking for my assigned at birth gender (which I hate to associate myself with) or the gender I identify with? And seriously, why does it even matter so much what I am in the end? I'm human just like you and everyone else, let me do my cosplaying and have fun without infecting my mind with such troublesome and secondary things like gender.

Also, some years ago I used to think cosplaying male characters was crossplay to me because I am not biologically male... but.. because I identify as male I no more view it as crossplay, I am cosplaying my gender at heart. It's just cosplay. Actually I get a bit offended when told that I crossplay.. because that means they assume I'm female which I'm not...

Sorry for the long post and if I make no sense.

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