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Question Painting Liquid Latex

So I'm creating zombie attacks using liquid latex, they've all turned out GREAT.
However, right now, as test runs for the make up, I've just been using cheap facial creme.

You know... Those tubes at the halloween stores, that rub off.
Well they do the same for latex.

I need a paint that will stick, and is also ok with skin contact.

I'm not doing an entire face, or anything like that.

I'm doing three wounds on three different people, including the neck, cheeks, and actually... Half of a face.

I hear ben nye is really good, but will it smudge off of liquid latex.

I'm supposed to be going to a local special fx store this weekend nearby and I can ask them, but I know this crowd actually stays out ALL day in their costumes, which is what we want to do.

Below is a knee wound, but this wont be one I'm doing. I was testing out a texture.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated...:)
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