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Originally Posted by Zaiten View Post
I had a question for you wonderful Sailor Moon cosplayers out there, how did you pick your senshi? (Or other character, hehe.) Where they your favorite? Did you look like them? I'm curious because because I'm having trouble picking who I want to be and would love to see how others picked theirs.
Personally, I chose the one I like the most, which is Sailor Moon herself in that case. Though I was in the lucky position that my facial features and the overall shape of my head fit Sailor Moon quite good.
I also want to try out Star Fighter and Pluto someday, but those are more for fun. But in the musicals, there are actresses with a similar face to mine.

In general, you should choose someone you can identify with and who wears an outfit you like. Nothing is worse that feeling out of place and out of character in your cosplay.... I had that problem when I cosplayed Rikku from Final Fantasy. When you can identify with someone, the "play" part of the word cosplay will develop on it's own. ;D You just have to have the right costume.

Panda: I have no experience with tiaras so far, but one of my friends uses gold foil and glues it to her head with skin glue. Could be worth a try?
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