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Originally Posted by TykeJack View Post
While we're talking about reviews, why don't we have a "cosplayer review" thread as well? Here we can report incidents to other photographers so they can be sure not to work with said cosplayer. Like if the cosplayer seemed disinterested during the shoot, was unwilling to smile or try new poses or actions, had 0 poses of his/her own to offer, kept answering their cell phone during the shoot, was rude (highly subjective, BUT WHO CARES), demanded that you remove your work from the internet because they don't like being shot from that side, requested perverted poses, tried to force you to take pictures of their friends, edited your work without permission(removing watermarks or other enhancements), AND MORE!!!!!!!

I think if the cosplayer is paying the photographer, then starting a review section is a great idea. But attempting to review a photographer that is just at a con, might be a little hard. If sexual harassment is involved, notify staff and warn your friends. What some people find uncomfortable, other people don't.
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