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Originally Posted by TykeJack View Post
psyche and reasoning behind this, but you can look it up if you doubt it. Hell, even the first 5 or 6 actual reviews on the commissioner reviews forums are negative reviews. So, a photographer review will inherently become a thread for bashing.
This is why limit it to photographers who are paid for their services, it's honestly a subset of a subset. With commissioning, it's the norm -- in most transactions, money will be exchanged. With photographers, it is not the norm. Money is only very rarely exchanged for a shoot and most people already have ways to find photographers who will be glad to shoot for free.

When money is exchanged, people have the right to post their grievances publicly if they are unhappy with what was given -- the only question real question is _where_ to post those grievances (since forums like these are privately owned and run as such). This is one of the underpinnings of a free society, free market, and consumerism in general.

It may be more likely that people post about negative experiences than positive ones; and there are other ways to break the system (like having confederates post positive reviews), still I think you will find that this is still a helpful ingredient when it comes to the free market.

And word of mouth will always be preferable (IMO).

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