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Had a fantastic leg workout yesterday. Normally, I do a standard leg workout, I mean I like variety in my workouts, but let's face it, when it comes to leg day, you pretty much don't have a choice lol. I normally flip flop every week between regular barbell squats and front squats, but decided to do leg press, which I do once every 4-6 weeks. It's actually kinda turned into a make shift measuring stick for my progress.

Leg Extensions 2 warm up sets, 180@14, 180@14, 185@14*, 190@14*
*rest pause I flip flop between doing extensions before and after squats, doing them first is known as pre-exhaustive training, helps engage your quadriceps more, plus it warms up your knees for squats

Leg Press 445@20, 535@20, 625@20*, 645@10 <--this last set is 50 pounds over my last log, and a new personal best, I stopped, but think i had a few more reps in me, a good sign

Glute-Ham Raises, (Normally RDL's or Good Mornings), BW @ 10, 9, 8. I highly suggest these. They work well...your glutes and hamstrings REAL well.

Lying Leg Curls, (100@10, 80@12, 70@14, 40@10) because of those G-H Raises, I knew the weight I could do would be lower, so I just decided to do reverse pyramid. The last set I did super, super slow.

I like to do calves on a different day, just because I'm shaky at this point, and feel it's better to work them with non-exhausted supporting muscles.

A good leg workout is one I feel the next day every time I get up from my desk...and that is the case today

I'm a certified personal fitness trainer as well as a certifiable health nut.

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