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Originally Posted by Sailor Moon View Post
Oh god, don't remind me ... I am HOPING that the new anime won't have any new outfits, I mean yeah, it'd be cool, but as of right now, I have at least one of each of her forms, and I'm officially done making new Sailor Moon costumes (only after 10 years @_@), and I know if they have a new form, I'll HAVE to make it ... and I was so looking forward to being done with making Sailor Moon costumes so I could move on to other things. Though I'm sure it will blow up again and everyone and their dog will be cosplaying Sailor Moon XD

Weapons are always fun, me and my bf are going to have our try at making me a scythe, which will be my first major prop construction in my 10+ years of cosplaying, so I know the feeling of looking forward to making a fun prop =P Lol, you say mind-eff, and I immediately think of FLCL XDD *random*

Good luck with deciding on something though ^_^
Watch them change everything just to mess with the cosplayers. Hair colors, outfit colors and designs.. that would be so mean to everyone.

And thanks for the help! Hopefully it'll be something awesome no matter what I pick. I hope to see you there, too.
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