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Originally Posted by Axelai View Post
...I wasn't trying to be all "pitch forks" or whatever you said.

Man, everyone in this forum is SO ACCUSATORY. No wonder I left this site years ago, jesus christ.

Alright, guys, nevermind then. I'll just have him reported to con staff, and ya'll can go back to your lives without feeling threatened by a user who is concerned about their best friend.
Wow. Great ideas can fall on deaf ears. Many of us spent our good time trying to be helpful to your request or inquires, including whether we support your ideas, and how to protect cosplayers including your friend. Then your reaction for all that is put "everyone" down for it.

I don't see how "everyone" , or even most of us was being "accusatory" towards you. Since the reviews would include opinions from people other than you, some of us merely predicted that there is likely to be some people who would be unfair with subjectivity, and/or bash photographers. Some of the consensus wrote ways to protect your friend without having to post it here.

When you make blanket statements like this "everyone in this forum is SO ACCUSATORY", please look at who is being so accusatory.

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