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Alright now that I'm actually home on a computer rather than my phone I can give you a better answer to this question. (:

Alright so I have the official toy bell, so my ideas come from that. The official bell is made alot like verdatum said but it has a solid core. I've heard about people heating up a pvc pipe and then bending it to shape. That might work well for this. then I would suggest doing the crown detail. I've recently be looking into wonderflex and that might look cool. But it's super expensive. A cheaper alternative would be clay (which could crack) or craft foam. Using some careful crafting you should be able to make crown shapes and such.

Other than those changes I think what Verdatum said would work perfectly! (:
Good luck!!! (:

Here are a few on ebay (none of these are the strawberry bell but rather pudding's rings and the mew aqua rod)
[1] [2] [3]
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