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Question Is it apporiate to do these cosplays

okay hey everyone... I'm a litttttleee bit self conscious on my weight.. I was wondering if it would be bad if I cosplayed someone like Liz Patty from Soul Eater, I also feel like I'm too short.. :/ I've always been iffy on the border line of too slutty on costumes I felt a little revealing in my sheryl nome outfit and really all that was wrong was my booty shorts. ( Costume )

I've always wanted to do people like Janna , but I know I can't pull it off due to my aa sized boobs.. :I I'll live without her though, I'm probably going to settle for queen ashe skin with my bf as tryndamere.

I always have seen myself as a little bit pudgey... but I would like some other people's opinions. I don't care how cruel and mean you are, honestly I would like honest opinions I would neverrr everrrrr everrrr go out dressed like this fyi but it does show my body type ( Derp ) The only reason I feel okaaaay (not great) about posting this pic, is because I've seen people going OUT IN PUBLIC in much sluttier outfits...

I feel a little too pudgey for Liz, but I do work out a lot, I have swim practice everyday for 2 hours and 2 hours of dance extra on mondays, and I do a lot of ab work outs, (and arms and legs, not legs too much but arms and abs) should I work more before trying to pull off liz's costume..?

Sorry for being so wordy. And I wasn't sure if this should go in fitness or here so yeah...

(Edit) Panty's angel form is also something I've wanted to do...

Also I realized the derp file doesn't work anymore but I don't have the file anymore to replace it
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