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Originally Posted by Bisected8 View Post
There was only two when I took the photo, I assure you (also it's plastic laminate, not marble ^^.
I swear I keep seeing a third one in the middle.

I keep staring at it trying NOT to see a third egg in the middle but once I saw it I cannot unsee it.

To be fair I apparently have trouble discerning shades. Based on this fancy little test I scored way above normal level in terms of being unable to differentiate shades and tones of red/warm colors.

Most people score around 0-5 and I scored above 60. My score for blue/cool tones was a little above average but nothing major compared to the reds.

One guy I know cannot see pastels. He bought this periwinkle blue car that he see's as being just light grey/silver but it totally looks like a granny car :P he just can't see pastel colors the same way others do.
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