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Traditional Chinese Lovers!

Join me on this adventure!

I'm creating a RolePlay game based in ancient China about the struggles two princes and their loyal subjects have to face to restore the lost Ren dynasty! Blood shed is not an option. With many other countries in war with Ren's will the two prince have what it takes to fulfill their father's last dieing wishes? The fate of China is now in your hands! It is up to you now, to help choose Ren dynasty's next ruler. Will your influence help China find their next rightful King that will change history? Or destroy it?

Two princes... Two different personality... Who is the rightful King?

Choose a side and fight with them till the end!

Curious? Check-out the link for more details about it. Sign-up and join me if you're interested.

(The setting is in ancient China and will be based on Historical reference but the people and Kingdom are all role play info.)
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