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Originally Posted by Celine View Post
Okay, so I don't know much about this con except I've heard it's great for gaming nerds. As much as I love cosplay, I'm way more of a gaming nerd. And I like game music. I have to be traveling in the northeast for work anyway during that first week of January and wasn't sure if detouring to DC was worth it... is it?

And is it hard at this point, about a month away, to find anybody still looking for roommates?
If you don't mind a room full of bros (2 married, 1 engaged, one single) who are only doing the Friday night-Sunday route, I can lend you a hand. My friends and I have 2 rooms from Thursday-Sunday and we're still working things out. But I'm like 99% certain we can be of some service.

Also if you're not down with the Protomen, now's the time to do so.
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